Saturday, January 24, 2015

Two Tone Modern Baby Quilt

I posted this quilt I made for a family friend for Christmas a few weeks ago...

I had some left over blocks and I was playing with them the other day. I figured out a layout and decided to make two other quilts with them. The one, which is still laying out on my sewing room floor will be a wall hanging and this baby boy quilt...

Remember, the quilt I made was for our male friend... so I was thinking about that when I was designing the quilt. I went with a color scheme which I don't normally use (but I ended up really liking it!). When I make a quilt for a baby boy, I usually go for more pastel blues and greens or crisp red and blue. This one is a bit different. I am not very confident about my machine quilting skills, but I came up with a design I can manage and that is unique too.

Because the quilt top has darker matte colors, I chose crisp white & gray houndstooth fabric as a backing and added more colors with bias tape. Hoping to make the quilt a bit more playful and lively.

This was an unplanned project but I am pretty happy with the result. I am working on several quilt projects right now, I can't wait to share the others soon!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Wooden Spool Necklace

A while ago I shared a Christmas ornament made out of wooden spools. Because I love them so much I decided to make necklaces for some of my friends (I kept one for myself too!). I was talking to someone about the necklace today and realized that I totally forgot to share the pictures of the necklace on my blog. So, there they are...

I didn't paint the spools this time and kept the natural wood style. I threaded some pastel pearls to the twine and added scissors as a charm. I ran out of the scissors but I want to go get some more, because there are a few more friends that I want to make this for. Wouldn't this be a fun gift for someone who loves to sew and quilt?

I have been working on lots of projects right now, and some exciting things are coming up. I can not spill the beans yet, but I can't wait to share with you when the time comes! Have a wonderful weekend my friends, thank you for stopping by. ;)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Liberty of London Mod Podge Mini Tree

I had ambitious plans for projects that I was going to make before Christmas. Did I get to all of them? The answer is "no".

One of the projects I was going to do was to make a mini tree with Liberty of London fabrics. I saved scraps for this project; even the tiniest pieces! My Christmas decorations are all put away, but I still wanted to make this tree for next Christmas.

All you need for this project is a little wooden tree, white paint for the base if you decided to paint it, fabric scraps, little bit of Mod podge, and a brush. This is such a easy going and low key project. If you are going to try this, my advice to you is just go with the flow... cut, paste, look at the color combinations and cut, paste... so on.

I covered all the surfaces of the tree; even the bottom part.

I hear that many people say January is kind of depressing because all the excitement of Christmas has passed. I figured that it doesn't need to be that way... many of the things that make the Christmas season so special can stay with us year around; being charitable, forgiving, loving, inclusive, being thoughtful and so on and so forth. I have decided not to put away this mini tree. It will be sitting pretty on the shelf in my sewing room year round to remind me of all the good things about Christmas.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Top 100 Project at All Free Sewing

My JCrew inspired dress made it in to their top 100 projects at All Free Sewing Thank you so much!

This was a tutorial I did back in 2011 but, if you are new to my blog, you haven't seen it yet. It is a pretty simple dress; not to mention inexpensive. It might be fun to work on it during the cold season while thinking of Spring. I haven't sewn clothes for myself for a while, Hmm... maybe it's time to come up with something new. ;)

Happy sewing everyone!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year 2014 Last Project ~ Herringbone Quilt

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I started working on this quilt for a really close family friend for Christmas. Because there was tons of stuff going on; just as you would expect in the month of December, I was distracted numerous times. He wasn't going to come to town until yesterday so I had a little more time to work on it. Whew! It was a close call, but I finally finished it a couple days before he arrived.

I didn't follow any particular pattern, and just used half triangle squares to create the herringbone design. If you would prefer a more unified look, you should use more of the same colors and tones. This quilt is about queen size. I was going to make a "throw quilt" for him, but I realized that he is about 6'4" or 6'5", Uh-uh, that wouldn't cut it. It needed to be bigger.

I usually hand stitch the binding, but I used my machine this time. Don't you think these stitches kind of mimic the herringbone design?

This is not my usual color scheme, but it is so fun to think of the receiver and trying to come up with a design that would fit that person. It stretches my imagination and forces me to try something new. Before handing the quilt to him, I had to test it outside...

Saying good-by to a quilt you spent so much time and effort on is a little bitter-sweet. Well, I guess it is more sweet when I think that something I created will be used for years to come by someone you care about. We were able to give him the quilt and I am very happy to tell you that he really loved it!

This was my very last project that I completed this year. What was yours? Of course if you love to work with your hands; what ever that may be, quilting, sewing, crafting, drawing... etc our work is never done and there is always the next project, right?

So, my friends, how was your 2014? What are your hopes and dreams for the year 2015?

I wish you all the very best! Really, I thank you and am grateful that you are visiting my little spot in blog land.

Have a Happy New Year!! xoxo


Monday, December 22, 2014

Chair Makeover

I found this chair at a local thrift store for $4. I loved the look of the back and it just screamed "potential", I had to take her home with me...

I spray painted it, did some applique on the Amy Butler fabric I found at Harmony (Thank you Laura for your input, the fabric worked perfectly!). After adding a pom-pom trim, it was done!


The fabric I bought was Amy Butler's home decorating weight fabric and I happened to have fabric from the same line(this one is regular weight). I decided to applique some flowers to add more personality to the chair.

Doing some free motion stitches on the flowers is very fun. I just followed the design that already existed on the fabric.

I was very tempted to do a totally different color scheme this time, but since my house has lots of white with some light blues I decided to stick to the theme. So when I gather them up, there will be a calm and nice harmony that I love.

I have been busy preparing for our special Christmas Eve dinner, so I need to get back to the kitchen right now. I will talk to you really soon everyone!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Two Necklaces with Different Feels

I realized that I didn't share the pictures of a couple necklaces that I created as birthday gifts for my friends...

Most of the times when I am creating jewelry, I have an inspirational piece and expand ideas from there and come up with the whole design. When I am making jewelry for a particular person, I imagine that person and her favorite colors, personality type, and style and then go from there. It is a bit different than my normal design process, but I enjoy both paths.

I made this one at the end of summer for my friend who loves red.

I made this recently with a softer color palette than the first one.

I love how they turned out and I have an itch to work with more bright colors right now. Well, maybe after Christmas... after everything calms down.
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